Four types of members in Kinnar Gharana: They narrate the story of atrocities to the dead, believe the guru to be husband, breastfeed to make a sister

.Celebration is celebrated when the new eunuchs join the household.
.The Guru gives- new name, clothes, money, makeup, jewelry and household items.
.In the Gharanas – Kinnar language, training to clap, beat and dance.
.Aravan marries the deity, keeps the fast of Karvachauth for the Guru.

The masculine body and the feminine gait. Faces covered in makeup. Heavy jewellery. Clapping. Trembling to the beat of the dholak. Car windows thump on the road. Singing congratulations on the wedding and the arrival of the little soul. People giving blessings, who are known as Kinnars. Who are these people after all? Where do you come from? Why is his birth a story and final farewell an enigma? Read in Pride Month,

the fabric of our society is made up of men and women, but a third gender is also a part of this society, which the civilized society looks at with contempt. Eunuchs also come to this world like ordinary children, but with the passage of time physical changes make them different from all of us. Let us tell you that Mahendra Bhishma has been associated with the Kinnar community for almost two and a half decades and has also written two books on the Kinnar community named ‘Kinnar Katha’ and ‘Main Payal’. Presently Mahendra Bhishma is working as Registrar in Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court.

The story of oppression-o-sitm starts from home
Mahendra Bhishma says that when a transgender child is born in the house, the parents also turn their backs. Hit the child. To not harm the respect, so the child is handed over to the eunuch community. Some parents want their child to be able to read and write, but the society forces the child so much that he leaves the house himself after getting fed up at the age of 15-16 years. The life of the country’s first eunuch judge Joita Mandal and beauty queen Naaz Joshi is a living example of this.

incomplete body full mind
People whose reproductive organs are not fully developed. Male body, but women’s chest, gait and voice. Female body, but mustache, no growth of chest, absence of uterus etc. Born eunuchs are women by heart. They feel comfortable being with women. They like to dress up like women. There are four branches of eunuchs – Buchara, Neelima, Mansa and Hansa. Buchara are born eunuchs. Neelima becomes herself, Manasa joins voluntarily. On the other hand, Hansa are eunuchs formed due to physical deficiency or impotence.

War on the words ‘Shemale’ and ‘Hijra’
Hijras are commonly known by words like Kinnar, Chhakka, Koti, Khojva, Thirunangai, Aravani, Khwaja Sara and Kojjah. On the other hand, the tribe living in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh is called ‘Kinnar’ or ‘Kinnaura’. This tribe has also been included in the Schedule of the Indian Constitution in 1956. This tribe has been protesting against the eunuchs being called eunuchs. They say that calling eunuchs as eunuchs is an insult to the eunuch tribe.

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