140 mm of rain in Haldwani in three hours, many years’ record broken

In Haldwani, a total of 140 mm of rain broke the record of many years in three hours. Earlier on July 1, 2011, the highest rainfall of 135.8 mm was recorded.

In Haldwani, a total of 140 mm of rain broke the record of many years in one hour and three hours on Saturday morning. Earlier on July 1, 2011, the highest rainfall was recorded at 135.8 mm. Meteorologists have described more rain in such a short time as a cloudburst-like situation. However, the district administration is calling it excessive rain.

During this, lightning also flashed several times with strong roar and people were scared. Heavy rain forced people to remain imprisoned in their homes. It rained drizzling till noon. The Meteorological Department has predicted more rain for the next two to three days. Till evening 145 mm of rain has been recorded. The rain started at seven in the morning. During this, it rained so much that the river, drains were overflowing and the situation of water-logging was created at many places. The rain caught people’s feet and people were forced to stay in homes. The number of vehicles on the roads was also very less due to the rain. Once lightening, the rain again picked up speed and after that the drizzle continued till 1.30 pm.

Vikram Singh, director of the Meteorological Center Dehradun, said that 117 mm of rain in one hour and more than 140 rain in three hours is due to cloudburst. However, no major damage was done during this period.

Holidays in schools, government offices, markets remained closed
In view of the rain, DM Dhiraj Garbyal had declared a holiday in the schools of the district on the very first day itself. As a result, schools across the district remained closed on Saturday and parents were also relieved. Government offices were also closed due to the second Saturday being a holiday. The market was also completely closed on Saturday due to the weekly bandh, due to which there was silence in the streets. Parents and school administration breathed a sigh of relief, especially with the holiday of school children.

Rain gave relief to crops
The rain on Saturday brought new life to the fields. Chief Agriculture Officer Vikesh Yadav said that there has been enough rain for the cultivation of Kharif crops including paddy. It is expected that the paddy crop will be good this time due to rain. Here Chief Horticulture Officer Dr. Narendra Kumar told that rain will prove to be very beneficial for fruits and seasonal vegetables including litchi, mango, jackfruit.

Heavy rain in July after many years
On July 1, the highest rainfall recorded in 2011 was 135.8 mm. This was followed by 112.6 mm of rain in 2014. In the year 2012, the month of July received 30.2 mm of rain on July 11. 27.6 mm on 14 July in 2013, 26.6 mm on 11 July 2014, 65.2 on 1 July 2015, 37.6 on 9 July 2016, 108.4 mm on 7 July 2017, 90 mm on 12 July 2018, 43.2 on 9 July 2019, 8 July 99.8 mm in 2020 and only 27.2 mm in July 11, 2021. Whereas this time this figure reached the highest 140 mm.

college girls slip
Haldwani. Many girl students who reached MBPG college in the midst of heavy rain, slipped due to waterlogging in the road. The NCC students present there rescued him from the flow of water and took him to a safe shore.

In Haldwani, so much rain in a short time is a cloudburst-like situation. 117 mm of rain has been recorded in one hour. It rains so much only in the event of a cloudburst. Vikram Singh, Director Meteorological Center Dehradun.

Kot- 2- There has been a lot of rain in Haldwani on Saturday. This would be called an overcast. Dhiraj Garbyal, DM Haldwani.

Coat- 3- The rain of 100 mm in an hour in a particular area is called cloudburst. This rule is for hilly areas. In the plains these standards change. There has been heavy rainfall in Haldwani area. Shailesh Kumar, Disaster Management Officer, Nainital

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